Let’s listen and apply the Word of the Lord on Sundays, but also on any other days of the week. When we see something ( an action, a word, a thought, a text, or a system) that breaks us apart from God and one another, speak up! That bulwark has to tumble down! Speak up, again and again, even when it makes no sense, or when you have no hope, speak up and ask for justice. Not the justice of men, but the justice of God. Speak up, be a trumpet of Jericho!

May the Name of the Lord Jesus always be glorified!


Telling story with poetry:

Zebra, the Beta version


You’re a little hoarse to call me

This morning to tell your story

Zebra! Zebra in pajamas!

Tell me about the savannas!


Zebra! Zebra’s running fast

down the grassy vales dead-ends.

What amoral beast or man

Has spooked your peaceful herd of friends?


Sleepy leopards perching aloft

Opened their eyes but missed your rump.

Whiskers over claws, they fell soft,

snarling at the running herd.


What amoral beast or man

Has spooked your peaceful herd of friends? 

Zebra! Zebra’s stopping at last

To graze around the vales dead ends.


Felon lions stalking their prey

Hiding under the canopy

Headwind blowing their scent away,

Draw close, and you graze slaphappy.


Fancy, trendy in savannas,

Zebra Zebra! You, silly horse!

Aren’t you a little too hoarse

To tell stories in pajamas?


Snap! A twig breaks. Fuzzy ears twitched.

Two swift lionesses pounced

on your black stripes. Missed by an inch!

Faster, you won the game this once.





My cunning horse who pranced, of course.

Zebra! Zebra in pajamas,

Fastest reflex in savannas.

Survival was your thriving force.


Stung by horse-flies the wildebeest

Reeled away from the waterhole

Your stripes were your shield at nightfall

Bite-free, you always drank in peace.


Zebra! Zebra in pajamas,

You, lucky horse! You pranced, of course.

Fancy! Trendy in savannas.

Wild mane’s style! No silk! All coarse!


Are there more black in your white stripes?

Or are there more white stripes than black?

Striking smart horse dressed in pinstripes,

Smooth you blur the lines of leaves and bark.


Bleached and tall, the grass blades hide you.

Jeeps and men with guns roam near.

Stay still as their dangerous crew.

Kills—the zebra disappear.


Zebra! Zebra! You, lonely horse

Behind zoo’s bars, you cry, of course.

Zebra! Zebra! You miss the plains

where warm winds brush black and white manes.